Law College Satna

Law College Satna

We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.


A place to learn and grow together

Welcome to our esteemed law college nestled in the heart of Satna, Madhya Pradesh. Committed to excellence, we offer a rigorous LLB 3-year program and a comprehensive LLM 2-year course. Our institution stands as a beacon of legal education, cultivating knowledgeable and principled legal professionals. Join us on this journey of academic prowess and ethical development.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our LLB 3-year and LLM 2-year courses feature a well-rounded and comprehensive curriculum.

Career Support Services

We are committed to the success of our graduates.

Practical Training Opportunities

We understand the importance of practical training in legal education.

Academic Excellence

Our law college stands out for its commitment to academic excellence.

Alumni Network

Joining our law college means becoming a part of a dynamic and growing alumni network.

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty consists of seasoned legal professionals and scholars with extensive expertise in various areas of law.

Our Courses


Bachelor of Legislative Law 3 Year Course


Bachelor of Legislative Law 2 Year Course


Message from the founders

To the aspirants, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of knowledge, growth, and ethical enlightenment. To the legal fraternity and supporters, we extend our gratitude for your continued encouragement and belief in our mission.

Welcome to a place where legal education meets excellence, where principles meet practice, and where the future of the legal profession is shaped with a vision for a just and equitable society.

Best Regards,

DR ALOK MISHRA (Principal), Law College Satna

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